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Mifu Schoolbag Chest Label Badge DIY Diamond Velcro

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Name: Logo Cartoon Velcro
Packing: PE bag
Material: Canvas and chemical fiber fabric
Weight: 55g
Style: Variety
Physical size: 10*10cm
Packing size: 20*11*3cm
The Velcro style has a thorny surface and a rough surface, which can be combined by combining them.
Using malting process
Style: high density, neat and beautiful, clear texture
DIY point drill Velcro production steps:
1. Open the package and check whether the diamond painting tools are complete;
2. According to the color of the resin diamond, choose a color on the plate. If the same color is pasted at a time, the speed can be increased;
3. Find the corresponding color on the canvas and start pasting until it is finished;
4. After completion, in order to make the diamond velcro secure, you can put some books on the velcro for a while;
5. Finally finished, you can hang your results where you need to decorate, decorate as much as you like
1. This is a diy diamond point diamond, not completed, you need to complete it yourself. All products are manually measured, please allow 1-2 cm
2. Due to the difference between the light and the screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture. Please understand that
Products include:
1 set of X diamond painting tools
3x Velcro stickers
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